Advantages of at Home Salon Services

Advantages of at Home Salon Services Over Visiting a Salon

Saving precious time

Beauty Services at home, Saves your lot of precious time. It’s super convenient to take beauty services at home. You don’t have to wait in salon waiting area for your turn. Just log on to website or mobile app and book a service for a specific time and place.

Unparalleled comfort  

BeautyGlad is commited to provide you best beauty services at can enjoy our services while watching your favourite TV serial, reading a book or chit chatting with your friends. You feel comfortable at your home rather than salon.

Relaxed services 

The therapist isn’t in a rush to finish your treatment. At a salon, there are 10 more appointments to take care of after you. At home, you will have the therapist’s undivided attention, without any external and unnecessary disturbances.

Pampering Beauty treatments with friends

Home beauty services give you a great chance to gossip with your best friend while taking the beauty treatments which is hardly possible at salon.

Home Beauty Services

Best for the working Women-

We understand the business of an office going woman. A home Beauty service is perfect solution for working women who hardly get time for parlour. So now you can book a service at home or even a quick service at your office as well.

Saves Money:

Traditional salons need to spend a ton on overheads, maintaining equipment, rent, staff and this shoots up their operating cost. Here is where salon services at home come in; we provide better services at a very reasonable price.

Quick and Easy Booking Appointment:

Beauty Services at home gives you the comfort of booking an appointment very quick and easy.

One artist dedicated to you only.

BeautyGlad send its best beautician at your home who is just dedicated for you only. Our artist’s only focus is you. We send our salon professional a your comfortable place, be it your home, wedding venue, office space or a party hall. She is completely dedicated for you only. So book a service Now. Download our android app and get upto 30% discount on all services on your first booking.

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