Basic Skin Care Tips: Follow These Tips and Get Glowing Skin

Skin of our body can be considered as critical as some other important organ in the human body.

Following are some basic skin care tips to get a healthy and beautiful skin:

Regular washing of the skin

This is a very common and very obvious method to keep a good skin. Just keep it clean. you should wash and clean your skin  on a daily basis while taking bath or with appropriate cleaning agents. This is very critical to use a good and suitable skin care products. Washing skin keeps your skin dirt and germ free. you should use only the cleaning soap that has moisturizing quaities in it

Daily skin care routine

You should cleanse, tone and moisturize at least twice a day- First in the morning before you put on your makeup and second, at night before you go to sleep. This will heal your skin and give a chance to breath


Cleansing is the best and most effective way of removing dirt, dust and dead layer from your skin. Cleanser is also used to remove the previously applied makeup. Cleanser helps to clean your skin and it opens its pore. Regular usage of cleanser makes your skin clean and fresh

First, wet your skin with warm water to open up your pores then apply the cleanser. Massage it into your skin in circular motions and in upward direction. Once you massage it then remove it either using a sponge, with damp cotton pads or by splashing with warm water. Wipe the face gently with clean and soft towel. Never leave cleanser on your face as this causes spots, irritation and imperfections


There are lots of reasons you should use facial toner. Toner is an important part of your daily skin care kit. Toner is used to restore skin’s natural pH levels. You make it more resistant against micro-organisms and bacteria by restoring skin to its natural pH. There are a wide variety of toner available in market but choose the toner which not only restore skin’s pH but also kills bacteria. People with oily skin should always use toner.

Apply a small quantity of toner a few minutes after cleansing. Just take some toner to a cotton ad and wipe over your entire face but avoid the sensitive parts like eye area.


There are lots of benefits of moisturizer. Moisturizer restores the natural moisture to your skin and keeps it glowing and radiant throughout the day.

Moisturizer prevents dullness and flaking and boosts hydration in your skin. Moisturizer makes a protective layer of moisture that keeps you skin hydrated whole day. Some good Moisturizer has ant-ageing ingredients which slow down you skin ageing process.

There is a lot of misconception and confusion about using moisturizer for oily skin. Please remember whether you have a dry skin or oily, you need to use Moisturizer. There are lots of Moisturizers made for specific skin type so use them accordingly.


Exfoliating helps rejuvenate our skin and it also improves the result of our skincare routine. Exfoliation can get your skin a new life if done on regular basis. Don’t go for an exfoliator which is too rough as it can scrape your skin and leave it damaged. You should apply a moisturizer cream after exfoliation.

Use Sunscreen for skin protection

Use a sunscreen as it protects your skin from Sun’s UV rays. UV rays are the harmful rays that cause many skin diseases as severe as skin cancer. It is also advised by the dermatologists to use good sun screens to protect the skin against hazardous effects of UV rays.

Whether the weather is sunny, rainy or any other weather condition, you should wear sunscreen all the time. The long exposure to UV rays can cause some skin diseases like moles, wrinkles and discoloration.

Always use a branded and good sunscreen lotion with SPF 15 or more.

Drink plenty of water

To get a glowing skin your body must be well hydrated. You should drink 10-12 glasses of water daily. A low intake of water badly affects your body and skin.

So, drink plenty of water to get a beautiful and glowing skin.

Skin Care for Acne Prone skin

If you are prone to acne then you need t use the cleansing differently and also with great care. Us eonly those cleanser products specifically made for acne affected skins. Most of the cleanser products made for acne skin generally have an agent named benzyl peroxide that helps in cleaning the soars caused because of acne.

You must be delicate in cleaning your skin as being harsh may bring about burst those skin breaks out breakouts irritating the issue. You should use only non-comedogenic moisturizers

If you are inclined to skin inflammation breakouts, then you have to handle the purifying contrastingly and with more noteworthy care.

So follow the above tips and get beautiful and glowing skin.

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