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Facial is a beauty treatment which consist cleansing, scrubbing, removing blackheads, face massage, Steaming and a pack. Facial is one of the best way to take care of your skin. Facial helps your skin look younger.

Normally, Facial takes upto 45 minutes but it’s all up to the type of facial you are taking.

Please tell us our beautician in case you have a sensitive skin or any other requirement

 VLCC Clean Up 399/-
Estrella Whitening Clean Up 549/-
VLCC Fruit Facial 699/-
VLCC InstaGlow 799/-
VLCC Whitening Glow 899/-
VLCC Diamond 999/-
Lotus Skin Whitening 1099/-
Lotus White Glow 999/-
Lotus Radiant Gold 1099/-
Lotus Diamond 1199/-
Anti-Tan Facial 1199/-
Anti-Ageing Facial 1199/-
Shahnaz – Gold Facial 1199/-
Shahnaz – Diamond Facial 1499/-
O3+ Whitening Facial 1899/-
Sara Banana Facial 2099/-
Estrella De-Tan Facial 999/-
Estrella Kool Kiwi 799/-
Estrella Very Berry 799/-
Estrella Ant-Acne 1399/-
Blossom Kochhar Gold 1249/-
Blossom Kochhar Insta Glow 999/-

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