Mini Mani-Pedi

Manicure is a beauty treatment of the hands which involves removal of the cuticles, painting of the nails and softening of the skin. We use safe and branded products. Normally, manicure process takes up to 30 minutes.

A Basic Manicure is designed for the individual that wants their nails cleaned, cut & shaped, cuticles cleaned up, gentle buffing the nails for shine then to complete this service, a light hand and arm massage.

Pedicure is a process of cleaning your feet. it is a  cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails.

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Basic Manicure 199/-
Spa Manicure 349/-
Basic Cut, File And Polish 199/-
Hot Oilying Manicure 399/-
Milky Manicure 399/-
French Manicure 399/-
Basic Pedicure 299/-
Spa Pedicure 499/-
Spa Hot Oiling Pedicure 599/-
French Pedicure 599/-