Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer arrives and you have to take special care of the skin to save and protect it from the humidity and heat. Summer also brings with it a lot of skin problems.

Some of the most common problems in summer are prickly heat, body odor, fungal infections, sunburn and sun tan.

People who have oily skin tend to suffer a lot as the oil glands become more active. Some people suffer from dryness of skin due to loss of moisture. But, Most of these common problems can be handled with these cool summer skin care tips.

So, the first and the most important thing is to drink plenty of water to beat the summer heat. Our body loses a lot of moisture in summer which needs to be replenished regularly.

So it is important to include water, tender coconut water, fruit juices, butter milk, lemon juice to keep our skin hydrated, cool and refreshed.

You should eat fruits that are easily and widely available in summer. Some fruits like palm fruit, watermelon, cucumber work excellent to cool our body so include them in daily diet.

Try to avoid caffeine and aerated drinks as they are not good for the skin.

Take bath in cool water at least twice a day in order to prevent body odor.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Summer Skin Care Tips

You should try to avoid going out between 12 pm-4 pm as  the sun rays are very strong during this time.

In case you can not avoid going out during this time then use a coloured umbrella or wear sun glasses. And don’t forget to apply a good sun screen lotion with at least SPF 15. Over exposure to sun leads to many skin problems like tanning, drying, aging, sunburn, etc.

Try to avoid applying heavy make up in summer, apply only light and simple make up and use water based make up products only. Use oil free moisturizers and water proof eyeliners to prevent smudging.

Prickly Heat

Below are few natural remedies to cure prickly heat and When excessive sweating clogs the pores or you get rashes-

Apply palm fruit  water or coconut water on the rashes. This will heal the rashes.

Mix multani mutti with some rose water and apply this mixture regularly for a week to cure prickly heat.

Take a tender palm fruit and apply it on the rashes. Do this for a week to cure prickly heat.

Fungal Infection

Take bath at least two times a day in order to avoid Fungal Infection in summer.

Try to wear loose and comfortable cotton clothes and try to avoid jeans and tight fitting blouses.

In case you have severe fungal infection, consult your Dermatologist and take the treatment required.

Natural Remedies

There are several natural remedies to use in summer to take care of your skin and Rose water is one of them. Rose water has natural cooling properties and is an excellent toner

Dip cotton in chilled rose water and wipe your skin with it to keep it fresh.

You can try watermelon juice and cucumber juice in equal quantity and apply on face. Just cool it in the refrigerator before use.

Try a good beauty services at home service provider. There are lot of benefits to try salon services at home.

So try the above tips and stay beautiful in Summer 🙂

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