Amazing Skin Care Tips: How to Take care of Your Skin

Great skin care can help delay the natural aging process and prevent several skin problems. These simple skin care tips will help you protect your skin to keep it healthy and glowing for years to come.

Cleaning: Soap and water may be perfectly fine, but if they make your face tight for more than a few hours, it means your skin isn’t replacing its natural oils and lipids fast enough. So instead use either some sweet almond oil (Patted off with Kleenexes) or a awesome quality soap less cleansing bar or a cleanser.

This is also wise if your water is hard. Experiment until you find a cleanser that removes makeup and dirt effectively and rinse off easily with water. You don’t need to bother with a toner.

Moisturizing: Your skin’s sebum is a good moisturizer. This contains oils, lipids, hyaluronic acid and lactose (a sugar). So avoid any soap or cleanser that removes so much of your natural secretions that your skin feels taut ten minutes later.

Some women benefit from this inbuilt moisturizer by wiping a fingertip along the creases beside the nose and above the chin and transferring what they pick up to dry areas on their face.

However, most mature women benefit from extra moisturizer. Commercial ones contain a number of ingredients

Moisturizer Ingredients include:

·         Essential fatty acids (alpha linolenic acids and linoleic, sometimes, confusingly, called Vitamin F)- these nourish cells and help prevent inflammation.
·         Oils- These waterproof the skin
·         Silicone- This mimics oil by waterproofing but doesn’t clog pores.
·         Glycerine- This attracts water
·         Collagen- This attracts Water
·         Hyaluronic Acid- This is a more expensive water attractant.
·         Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)- helps prevent photo-aging (damage from free radicals-unstable particles of oxygen generated by UV light)
·         Vitamin E- Acts like Vitamin C
·         Retinoids (Vitamin A derivatives such as retinol)- Help smooth wrinkiling caused by UV damage. Tretinoin, found in products such as Retin-A, Renova and Retinova, is a prescription-only ingredients but is not as effective as first thought.
·         Alpha- Hydroxy acids (Fruit acids)- Smooth, Moisturize and firm the skin by helping it to shed any dead cells, retain water and make collagen.

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 Sun Protection: Protect your skin from UV-damage by avoiding too much sun, applying sunscreen in the sun and using a daytime cream containing sunscreen and antioxidants.

Look for a product with both UVB and UVA protection. UVB protection alone doesn’t protect your skin from the aging effects of UVA rays. And by allowing you to stay in sun longer, it actually encourages UVA damage.

Remember that a product’s SPF (Sun protection factor) is only an indicator. If, for example, being in the sun for ten minutes normally makes you burn, using a product with an SPF of 15 means you can stay out for 15X10 minutes-150 Minutes.

Food & Drink: Eat a healthy diet with plenty of skin-friendly nutrients, Drink lots of liquids and take half-hour of exercise daily to keep your weight stable and to avoid the folds of skin that often follow repeated crash dieting.