BeautyGlad Loyalty Program

Q- What is BeautyGlad Loyalty Program?
Ans- BeautyGlad Loyalty program is to reward our Customer for the First Time Signup on Website or App, their Every Successful booking and their Successful Refer of a friend/relative
Q- How much Points I will get if I Signup/Register first time on BeautyGlad?
Ans- you will get 200 Points in your Loyalty Wallet on successful signup on BeautyGlad
Q- What is the Value of Each BeautyGlad Points?
Ans- Each BeautyGlad points is equivalent to INR 1
Q- How to Receive the Loyalty Points?
Booking from 750-1500 You will get 10% of the booking amount as Loyalty Points
Booking from 1501-2000 You will get 15% of the booking amount as Loyalty Points
Booking from 2001 onwards, You will get 20% of the booking amount as Loyalty Points

Q- How can I redeem my Loyalty Wallet Points?
Ans- 1.Booking from Rs. 899-1500  You can use 8% of the booking amount 
2.Booking from Rs. 1501-2500 You can use 10% of the booking amount 
3. Booking from Rs. 2501 onwards, You can use 13% of the booking amount
Refer & Earn
You can invite your friends to join  through either of the following options: Invite via e­mail:
·      On the Referral page, click on the "Refer via e­mail" option
·      Enter the e­mail ids of friends you wish to invite
·      Click "Send Invitation"
Share on WhatsApp:
·      On the Referral page, click on the WhatsApp icon.
·      You will be redirected to the WhatsApp.
·      When you log in, the referral link appears on the page with an option to share it publicly or tag friends individually.
·      Share this link with your Facebook friends to invite them to
Share on WhatsApp:
·      On the Referral page of your mobile site, click on the WhatsApp icon to get redirected to your WhatsApp chat page
·      Select a friend’s contact to share the link
·      And invite friends to
Easy share link:
·      You will get a unique referral link, which you can Share with your near & dear ones through SMS, WhatsApp or Email or Facebook.
Q- Where Can I see my Points?
Ans- To Check Your Wallet Points, log into your BeautyGlad account using your mobile number on or BeautyGlad App and check the Wallet Section.

Q-  How to Redeem The Wallet Points?
Ans- You can redeem a certain percentage of Points asper the boking amount while checkout. Just simply use the Wallet points and rest pay via Credit Card, Debit Card or net banking.

Q-  What happens to my used Points When I cancel?
Ans- if The booking is canceled then Your Points are credited back to your Wallet within 24-72 Hrs.

Q- Can I transfer Wallet Points to my family or friends?
Ans- No Currently We don’t have this feature. A User can not transfer her points to anyone else.

Q- What happens If I have changed my Phone number later?
Ans- Points are assigned to the particular Number only and Points are not transferred to your new number.

Q- How long is the referral link valid for?
Ans- Every referral link is unique and has lifetime validity.
Q-Why did I not get Points for an invite that was accepted?
Ans- Under one of the following conditions, you will not be eligible for referral bonus ­
·      The person who clicked the link was already a BeautyGlad member
·      The referred member hasn’t made the first booking yet
·      The referred member booked the services but Cancelled later
·      BeautyGlad Referral Program Terms & Conditions
Q What do Do I need to do it? After getting the referral link, what are the steps I need to complete to redeem the BeautyGlad worth Rs.500?
Ans- All you need to do is, click on the referral link & land on homepage, select the Services and click on checkout. You will get an option to apply the Certain Wallet Points
Disclaimer- Loyalty Program and “refer & Earn” program is a BeautyGlad Management initiative to reward our customers. This program is not mandatory and can be revoked on removed without any prior information to customers.
For Any Support or Concern, You can Call/WhatsApp us on +918977636465 or write us to